Hour 1

  • Vulnerability training / modeling. You've got to get deep, and quick.

  • Brainstorming Activities. Begin to find your story.

  • Values Exercise. In a great essay, you have shown growth and insight.

  • The College Essay Basics. What it is and what is isn’t.


Hour 2

  • Narrative Structure. This matters. A lot.

  • How to Write a Narrative Essay. Putting your story into that structure.

  • Short Break. You deserve it!

  • Paired Sharing. Feedback from each other. Stay vulnerable. Tell a great story.


Hour 3

  • Picking a topic and getting started on a draft. Let's get some work done!

  • Giving and receiving feedback. Scary but impactful.


Hour 4

  • Short Break. Much needed now.

  • Other types of essays. How to handle supplements.

  • Time to draft. Let’s write!