Why should I sign my child up for The Essay Workshop?

  • The essay is always the highest ranked non-academic factor in college admissions.

  • The data below is the Admission Trends Survey from NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling).

  • The essay is also the final piece of their application of which students have complete control.

  • Selective colleges and many scholarship committees review applications holistically, meaning the entire application beyond the ACT and GPA.

  • This workshop helps students put together the very best application they can. We frequently say that the numbers open the door, but the essay gets them through it.

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How can The Essay Workshop help parents?

1.  The number one myth is that you have to market your child. That thought couldn't be further from the truth. The students' objective is not to promote themselves--it is to reveal themselves. And what do I mean by that? Students need to be vulnerable and tell their story. We don't ask kids to do this much, but they need to look within themselves and understand why they are who they are. It's hard to do and the workshop will help. In fact, our first activities in the workshop are vulnerability exercises.

2.  Students struggle with the essay. When students struggle, they procrastinate.  When students procrastinate, parents nudge or nag or burst into violent fits. Maybe that's extreme, but you get where I'm going. Four hours with me and your child will have an essay they're excited to write. Working ahead on college applications ensures a high quality product well before deadlines in the fall. If your child's deadlines are close, then you really need this workshop!

3.  This type of writing is not taught often in schools. Yes, some senior English teachers assign the college essay, but I feel they sometimes get it wrong too. The essay should have voice and tone, and it should not sound like an AP English paper. I teach the personal statement with an English background, but from the college admissions perspective. Students will learn what colleges want, and more importantly, what they don't want.

4.  Scholarships matter. Even if schools have admissions practices that do not use essays, their scholarships might. In Kentucky, the University of Louisville, for example, does not require an essay until you compete for their most prestigious scholarships. In our workshop, along with the personal statement, we will review all types of common essay topics and how to approach them. When students finish the day, they will be equipped to handle any application essay.

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