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College Application Camp - Beechwood Students ONLY

College Application Camp - Beechwood Students ONLY

August 5-8, 2019
1:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Beechwood High School Library
*limited to 30 participants

The College Application Camp enables students to reduce their senior year stress by completing the Common Application, including the essay, as soon as applications go live. Over the course of four days, students will understand how college admissions offices are evaluating them, how to best approach their college essay and how to plan the rest of the semester. Additionally, students will meet one on one with a college admissions professional to review the essay on the final day of camp.

I really liked the last day when the college personnel read my essay. That really helped a lot with getting my essay done. Thank you!

-Brian, senior student

Senior year has arrived, and it’s supposed to be fun, right? It should be, but the stress of getting all the college applications and scholarship applications done can be overwhelming. Students freeze up. Students fight at home. Truthfully, it can be stressful for everyone involved. There is a lot at stake and the pressure mount. That’s where this camp fits in.

For the last six years, the College Application Camp has helped hundreds of students enjoy their senior years a whole lot more by simply getting work done early and doing it right. Students from this camp have been admitted to military academies, highly selective universities and elite programs within universities. Students from this camp have earned hundreds of thousands of scholarship dollars.

Instead of the parents pushing students from behind their laptops for months, the bulk of the work will be compete before school begins. Instead of wondering how seniors should approach the latest essay prompt, they will have the confidence to write it based on what they learned in camp. And instead of rushing at the last minute, the application plan they developed at camp will keep them on track.

This camp is the first of its kind in the Northern Kentucky region. Mr. Reeves has presented his camp as a model at two different national conferences to over 1,000 counselors. He has also welcomed local counselors to observe his camp, as well as presenting it to counselors across Kentucky.

The competition for students seems to get tougher and tougher every year, both for spots at selective schools and for scholarship dollars. Register for this camp to give yourself or your child the advantage they deserve.

It was so helpful! I know i would have procrastinated so much without this camp, and I'm really thankful you provide this for us! Also, I loved how the admissions counselors from other schools came in and reviewed our essays- I'm sure not a lot of kids get to do that and it helped a ton!

-Tanvi, senior student

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will class be taught?

It will be about 50% learning and 50% workshop. That’s the best way to describe it. You’ll learn a lot about college admissions in large and small groups early in the week, but you’ll also get plenty of time on your own to get things done. The last day, you’ll get time to meet one on one with Mr. Reeves and the college reps to review your essay draft.

Will I finish my essay?

You might. A lot of students do. It’s a matter of how soon your story comes to you and how hard you work during and after class. At the very worst, you will have a great start. At best, your Common App essay is done!

What do I need to bring? What do you provide?

A laptop or other type of device will be helpful when we begin writing. If you’d rather bring paper and your favorite pen, that works too. Other than that, I have a folder for each of you with all the supplies we need. I also provide water and great snacks to keep it fun.

Does this conflict with football, band or other sports?

Good news! The afternoon sessions (1:30-4:30) is perfect for football players. Ask Mr. Bralley about band, but he is flexible. I have the hardest time with my golfers, so I hope you all can make it work!

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Due to limited class sizes, refunds cannot be issued. However, if space is available at a subsequent application camp, students can be rescheduled to a later date.


  • How to complete any type of application, especially the Common App

  • What matters most in their applications

  • What happens inside admissions offices behind closed doors

  • Academic resume writing

  • Confidence in/ownership of the college application process long after camp ends

  • How to approach any essay or short answer prompt


  • Classroom instruction from a college admissions expert

  • Advice on college lists, including strategies for getting into each school

  • Engaging activities and classroom discussion

  • Small class sizes (capped at 30)

  • One-on-one essay review with a college admissions counselor


  • The Common App

  • Academic resume to turn into colleges and scholarship committees

  • College Essay