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I’m your guy.

I will be your child’s personal college counselor. They’ll have one at school, but I will never have more than 25 seniors at a time. You and your child will have unlimited meetings, whether it’s face to face or virtual. I am happy to collaborate with the school counselors, but with caseloads of up to 700 students, I can take on majority of the work. I help families with college planning, search, finances, applications and essays. So, yes, I’m your guy!

Reduce college costs.

When people think college costs, they think scholarships. Yes, I can help students search and apply for scholarships, but there are others ways I can help reduce expenses. When I work with students on college lists, it is important to be mindful of which colleges are the most ‘generous’ or which schools are the best financial fit for each student. Finally, I spend a lot of time with college and scholarship essays, which can help maximize scholarship dollars.

Positioning and resume building.

How many activities should my kid participate in? Do they need to play a sport? How much volunteering? How many clubs and which ones? There is an endless list of questions I can help with. In short, it depends. My answers will depend on the family, the student and the potential colleges. I help students build a genuine, authentic, balanced resume to help them position themselves for positive admissions and scholarship outcomes. This is precisely why I prefer to begin working with families as early as middle school. I can also help with choosing classes during scheduling season at high schools.

Career counseling.

As a school counselor, I was responsible for career counseling as well. Talk about a great place to save money! Transfers can be expensive and spending time one on one with me throughout high school can help focus a student. As we all know, life is unpredictable; however, I always like to help students investigate their own likes and dislikes when it comes to college and career.

Take stress out of college admissions. For everyone.

Parents and their children can sometimes cause each other a great deal of stress. Kids think parents don’t know anything, and parents struggle with all sorts of things kids do. Trust me! Having someone like me can help in both directions. It’s not that I always do parent’s jobs, but information or even suggestions coming from me are usually received much better. We all know this is true. I can mediate and motivate, especially during the senior year when deadlines approach and everyone gets a little nervous.


I am with you all the way. When August of senior year comes, it’s time to get busy. Deadlines come as early as October 15th and keep going until the first week of January. That’s my peak season. Let’s get these apps done and done well! All of my one on one students will be invited at no extra fee to come to my College Application Camp, where we knock out the Common App and primary college essay in one week. I’ve run my camp for seven years, and that’s where the real work will begin. After that week, we can meet as often as you’d like. My one on one students have unlimited meetings.

The Governor’s Scholars Program.

I have a special place in my work for anyone in Kentucky applying for the Governor’s Scholars Program. I have written my own guide for this application, which is harder than any college application. Applying for GSP is all part of the package with me. I don’t want to brag, but I’ve had a lot of success helping my students get accepted to GSP.

If a full service one on one counseling option is not for you, I highly recommend the College Application Camp or The Essay Workshop.